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Venice, Italy. Go inside to really appreciate this year-old technological masterpiece.

Added by Annetta Black. Jaipur, India. The world's largest sundial, made entirely out of stone. Added by Josh. Lier, Belgium. A 14th century fortified keep showcases the masterpieces of a 20th century ingenious clockmaker. Added by Mordy. One of the world's most complex timepieces. Added by mrobscurity. Thanks for sharing! Want a Free Book?

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The History of One of the Oldest Astronomical Clocks in the World

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Prague Astronomical Clock-27 Seconds of Awesomeness!

In the German army damaged the Astronomical Clock and some of the statues burned. They were replaced by replicas later, and the striking of the clock was changed from the Old Czech Time to the Central European Time. The Astronomical Clock consists of the windows with apostles at the top, the Astronomical Dial, which is the oldest part, the Calendar Dial underneath and various sculptures around.

The wooden figures of apostles with their attributes appear in the windows every hour, while at the same time some of the sculptures begin to move: the Death holds its hourglass and beckons to the Turkish man sculpture, which shakes its head in response. There is Vanity portrayed as a man with a mirror and Miserliness as a man with a moneybag, shaking a stick.

Tales and meanings of the Prague Orloj

When the apostles finish their journey, the golden cockerel at the top crows and quivers its wings, the bell rings and the clock chimes the hour. The Astronomical Dial shows the medieval perception of the Universe: the Earth is the center.

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The blue part of the dial represents the sky above the horizon, the brown part the sky below it. There is a Zodiac ring, which represents the stars in the sky and it moves according to it.

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  • The two clock hands bear the signs of the Sun and the Moon. The Prague Astronomical Clock is the only one in the world able to measure it. Discover the real life of Praguers. Enjoy prepared vouchers in guidebooks.

    Pražský orloj - The Prague Astronomical Clock

    Legend of the skeleton Numerous legends are also related to the figure of the skeleton which is mounted on the astronomical clock. It was said, that once the Old Town Astronomical Clock stops running for a long time the Czech nation will suffer bad times and the skeleton was supposed to confirm this fact by nodding his head.

    Six quick facts

    Once the. He has to run very fast to arrive before the last strike of the clock. However, in some legends the skeleton was a sign of hope. If you take a careful look you will see two little windows above the astronomical clock. Those used to lead to the jail which was used for imprisoning the aristocrats.


    One day a knight was imprisoned there waiting for his execution. He was looking out of he window and just when the clock started to strike a sparrow flew along the skeleton. When the skeleton closed his jaws he imprisoned the little bird inside. The sparrow had to wait another hour until the skeleton opened his teeth again to be able to fly away.

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