Child birth time astrology

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We want our children to be good human beings.

The Biggest Contribution Of Jupiter And Saturn Transits in Childbirth

For that to happen, our rearing should be good. If you wish to judge and analyze how are you bringing-up your child, buy the Parenting Profile Report.

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There are totally sixteen nights when the female is ready for receiving the fertilization according to the childbirth astrology. Out of these sixteen nights, the first four nights are when the menstruation is taking place. All other nights other than the first four menstruation nights are good for insemination male sperms entering the female reproductive organ. If the insemination takes place on the odd numbers of these 12 nights 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th and 15th , then the couple is likely to be gifted with a daughter.

How to time child birth in Vedic Astrology

On the other hand, if the insemination takes place on the even numbers of the 12 nights 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, and 16th , then the couple will be blessed with a son at the time of childbirth. In the odd number nights, Y chromosomes will not be active while on the even number nights Y chromosomes are likely to be active. That is why, according to vedic astrology, the chance of a boy's birth at the time of childbirth is more likely on even number nights, while a girl is more likely to be born when the insemination takes place on odd numbers nights.

Children are our most precious belongings.

The development of unborn child inside the womb is influenced by planets such as Sun, etc according to childbirth astrology. Thus, Pumsavana Sanskar Baby Showers is important during the third month. Pumsavana Sanskar can also be performed along with Simant Sanskar in the sixth month.

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Simant Sanskar is also called Kesh Sanskar as the hair of the unborn child begins to develop around that time as per childbirth astrology. Besides, the different planets which are helpful in the successive stages of the childbirth too have been mentioned in astrology.

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Venus during the first month, Moon in the second month, Jupiter is for the third month, while Sun , Moon, Saturn , Mercury are for the remaining months fourth to ninth. On the other hand, Sun controls the 10th month when labour pain begins. The GaneshaSpeaks. For Instant Solutions! Talk To Astrologer Now. AsK an Expert Astrologer for best astrological solution for your ongoing hurdles in life.

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You can clear your doubts and life's problem by directly asking the Astrologer. I want to talk. No need to hurry in asking your astrological solution when you have complete 45 mins. Tell me my life. Premium WordPress Themes Download. Download WordPress Themes. Free Download WordPress Themes. Email Address. Mobile Number. This chart gives insight into the life of the person concerned. Besides it is a route map for the future, pointing to the path that you should travel. Now you can easily get your Kundali done. The only thing you need to do is to enter your date of birth and birth time in the spaces given.

As soon as you type in the details, your Kundli or horoscope will be readily available for you! Janam Kundli or Horoscope The moment a baby is born, the planets in the solar system exert their influence on its life.

child birth time astrology Child birth time astrology
child birth time astrology Child birth time astrology
child birth time astrology Child birth time astrology
child birth time astrology Child birth time astrology
child birth time astrology Child birth time astrology
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child birth time astrology Child birth time astrology

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