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It is auspicious in 2, 7, 3, 10 and I Ith house but inauspicious in 4, 5, and 8th houses. It controls age, death, wealth, house, children, loss in legal suit, theft, maladies related to gastroenteritis, etc. It can do wonders if it is favourable but can be very evil if inauspicious. Favourable Saturn makes a person great scholar with a good command over a language. The worth of Saturn is. Rahu is the friend of the deprived.

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It acts as the assistant of Saturn if it is seated with it. But if it is placed in the house before Saturn then the natal shall become a king or an administrator. If it falls under the aspect of Rahu then the effect of Sun is very beneficial, but if Saturn falls in its aspect, then Rahu becomes inferior. It is a shadow planet and the lord of Capricorn. Rahu governs valour, courage, obesity, wrestling, sin, action, sorrow, worry, trouble, etc. In the absence of Mars, Rahu behaves like the unruly elephant. It brings obstacles to the house where it sits.

If Rahu is the supporter of evil, Ketu supports good deeds. Objects related to Ketu are son, grandson daughter's son , child, advisor, farsightedness, dog, pig, lizard, malebird, donkey, rabbit, porter, innocent rat, interest, ear, leg, spinal chord, cat's eye, sesame, sour, banana, blackwhite blanket, tamarind, cot, onion, garlic, etc. Jupiter helps Ketu to overcome its weakness and enable it to give auspicious effects. Moon and Mars are inimical to Ketu. Hence whenever they unite with Ketu, it becomes debilitated.

That is why when natal wears gold in ears, it increases the power of Ketu and gives power to natal to give birth to son. The Rajsika planets inspire the man to become an artist and famous. He is involved in the world of domestic family life. The Tamsika planet makes the person hot tempered, deceitful, foolish, lazy, etc. Auspicious planets Moon, Mercury, Ketu and Jupiter are serially most auspicious planets. Mercury is in itself an auspicious planet, but it becomes an evil with wicked planets. It becomes all the more wicked if placed with auspicious planets. Moon is also primarily an auspicious planet but from the sixth day of Krishna Pakash to Amavasya the strength of Moon is less powerful.

From Pratipada of Shukla Paksha to the tenth day its power is of medium strength. From eleventh day of Shukla Paksha to fifth day of Krishna Paksha it is in its full form, i. Difference between the effect of Jupiter and Venus Jupiter is a divine teacher guru while Venus is a devil teacher guru.

Venus helps people in acquiring materialistic values while Jupiter helps the person in obtaining spiritual values. Venus makes the person selfish while Jupiter inspires him to think of the well being of others.

Planet friends and enemies as per vedic astrology

Difference between the cruelty of Saturn and Mars Although Saturn is cruel but its ultimate result is good. Just as gold emerges out sparkling after being burnt in the furnace of fire, Saturn purifies the man by means of punishments. It has an effect of catharsis, the man emerges as a free and pious man after getting liberated of the evil deed. Mars, on the other hand, fills the man with excitement and cheerfulness; the man is inspired by egoistic feelings which drive him to evil and violent deeds. Eat something sweet and drink a little water before starting a job. If the Sun is somehow troubled in the tenth house then the person should drop copper coins in flowing water.

Moon Chandra Immerse silver in moving water. In the morning pour the water to the roots of Keekar tree. Avoid selling milk. Always keep rice, silver and natural water with you. Donate green clothes to unmarried girls.

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Avoid drinking milk before sleeping at night. Donate milk. Draw water from the well of the cremation ground and keep in your house.

Planets in Vedic Astrology – Significance, Aspects, & Conjunction

Never offer milk in Bhairon temple. Mars Mangal Donate sweet chapati roasted in tandoor. Drop revari and batashe in clean, flowing, water. Donate lentil and deer skin. Worship lord Hanuman and read Hanuman Chalisa. Offer prasad in Hanuman temple and distribute. Mercury Budh Burn Kauris in fire and throw away it , ashes in river. Pierce a hole in a silver coin and immerse in the flowing water. Wear emerald in the ring. Read Durga Chalisa.

Offer Parsad in Durga temple. Worship Goddess Durga. Get the nose pierced. Brush teeth with alum. Worship little girls. Offer alms generously in religious institutions. Donate goat. Donate saffron, turmeric, bengal gram and gold. If the person does not have a son, he should devotedly worship Lord Hari and read Harivansha Purana.

Planets their aspect and relationship in vedic astrology

Venus Shuhra It is advised to keep away a morsel of food from your plate before eating and offer it to cow. Donate a cow or its feed. Donate ghee, curd, camphor and pearl. Help and look after widows. Worship Goddess Laxmiji with devotion. Saturn Shani Make very small balls of flour and offer them to fishes. Offer chapati to crow.

Donate whole black gram, iron, oil, leather, stove angithee , tong, wine and spirit. Worship Lord Shiva ardently. Rahu Drop coconut in the fast current of water. Wash barley with milk and 1 nmerse it in river. If a person suffers from tuberculosis owing to the evil effect of Rahu then he must wash barley in cow's urine and keep in a box. He must keep the box safely with himself. Rinse teeth with cows urine.

オンラインドラマCD「恋に命を賭けるのさ」:スカイコネクト 店 ※※※

Donate radish. Drop coal in flowing water. Donate mustard and sapphire. These objects can be donated to a sweeper.

Vedic Astrology Basics - Learn About The Stars & Their Effect On You

Ketu Offer chapati to dogs. Donate sesame.

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If the natal's son is disobedient and misbehaves, it is advised to donate blanket in the temple. If the person suffers from urinary problem or leg ache then he should wear a silver ring silk thread around his neck. If the sonstrewn in as undergoes some problem, the person is advised to offer food to a black dog for 43 days. Specific remedies for different situations 1 If Moon is in its 21st day when it is weak and the natal's wife undergoes labour pains, it is advised that his mother should go to stay at some other place.

She should look at the new born infant only after the baby is 43 days old or else it shall be harmful for the infant. Sun, Moon and Mars with him to protect his children.

indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets
indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets
indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets
indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets
indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets
indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets
indian astrology friendly planets Indian astrology friendly planets

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