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To learn about Atmakaraka, please read Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul. If you don't know what Atmakaraka is, please read this article: Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul. Home Home Page Offers information about the current moment, including the Moon's Phase, the Sign of the Zodiac the Moon is in, the Moon's Void-of-Course status, the closest apogee and perigee moments, eclipses and retrograde periods of personal planets.

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Interactive Location Selector Select any location on the Globe. Atmakaraka Calculator Discover your Atmakaraka! An interactive feature for calculating the balance of the Elements and the Qualities. Mercury Calculator Meet your Mercury! Planetary Days and Hours You can get planetary hours for any day and any location.

When a planet is trapped in a house he hates and he is told to do something repeatedly he abhors, he becomes very disturbed and continues to do and behave according to his basic nature. Consequently, at the very core, the planet behaves negatively for the house it is placed in i. So every planet depending upon its inherent nature reacts differently.

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Natural benefic like Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury behave in a somewhat kind way but all do some bad to the house where they are placed in MKS. Sun is the King and gives work to all in the society.

Exalted Planets vs. Moolatrikona (Planets in their own sign) In Vedic Astrology

Sun is also the giver of wealth in the form of 12 Adityas he gives us everything. It can also cause huge loss of wealth at some point in time for a native.

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Yet, again, we must remember that the fashion by which any planet behaves is colored by its function as a house lord in a certain state. However, the situation is not the same for a Cancer ascendant for whom Sagittarius owns the 6 th , since Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.

Jupiter generally performs well in the 2 nd house, because it is the natural karaka for that house. A certain confluence occurs for any planet which is a natural karaka for the house it is placed in. This can be either doubly positive or doubly negative, depending on the state of the planet indicated.


Body Parts and Disease Related To Different Planets

If the significator ie, the karaka of a field of experience ie, the themes of a house is in rough shape, while simultaneously occupying the house it signifies, there is a two-fold indication of bad karma towards the archetypal dimension of life which they share. This can have huge ramifications for the soul regarding that particular field, because there are only so many indicators in astrology per limb of human life. Typically though, these placements ought to be regarded as ultimately having positive connotations, even when the graha is in bad dignity, because of the ergonomics involved in the situation.

Ergonomics generally means the convenience of the design of any object towards its designated purpose. In the same way that a pair of scissors is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in a human hand, so is any planet suitably designed to perform well in any house for which it is a natural karaka.

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  7. It is interesting to consider the implications of this notion upon Jupiter, because Jupiter is a karaka for more houses than any other planet — make no wonder it is considered the most auspicious planet. It is great fortune, for example or a great drag, if Jupiter is in an ill state , to have Jupiter in the 2 nd house, since it is a natural karaka for that house; especially if its trinal graha aspect applies to another planet sitting in the 10 th house, a house for which Jupiter is also a karaka.

    This Jupiter will secure the resources needed 2 nd house theme for those 10 th house engagements, especially if Jupiter is in good shape.

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