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Astrology is more than years old, modern psychology less than What astrology is concerned with, is energy. We humans and everything in creation consist of atoms. At the core of an atom is energy vibrating on different frequencies. Like musical tones and radio waves.

Quantum Astrology and Starseed Lineage with Meru Matu of Sun Soul Astrology

Atom physics is the science of energy, and the relations or interaction between their frequencies. Energy and interacting relations. So is astrology — a language of energy describing various energies and their interaction or mutual relations.

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Like music or the system of colors. As perceived by human beings. In the outer physical world, but also at the inner level of consciousness. Which is where you and I experience life, from a point within our consciousness.

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Quantum physics points to the fact that the activity of our consciousness affects the behavior of atoms — our entire being takes place in an interactive field of energy. The activity in this field cannot be predicted or calculated with precision, the parts interact in unpredictable ways and create new patterns.

But you can establish a limited field of possibilities. Like throwing a bag of apples down a flight of stairs. The apples will fall somewhere on the staircase, not on the roof or in another country. Quantum physics transcends the framework of controlled experiments of the natural sciences, and so does astrology. The findings of near death research demonstrate the ability of humans to have conscious awareness without a functioning brain.

Water crystals. Why the celestial placement of sun, moon and planets has something to say about activity on the physical world and in our consciousness, we do not know.

We have not found the mechanism , but that is not just a problem for astrology. The greatest problem for natural science has always been to define the mechanism of various systems. We do not know, for example, how thoughts are transferred to electric impulses in the brain. Near death experiences seem to happen to individuals who are not medically induced or drugged.

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On the contrary, research suggest that drugs keep these experiences from taking place. Which energies express themselves in you — your characteristics, gifts and qualities?

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In which part of you or your life does energy flow with ease, and where is it restricted or blocked? How is the interaction? The Comeback. The Unveiling — The Apocalypse….


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I Feel You!!! Prophecy Watch! Ephesians Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Blog Stats , hits. Golden Spiral Symbol Click on image to read about the blueprint for life itself. Blog at WordPress. For example, I can be quite good at predicting my own next actions. I can have a crack at guessing that the government will next year put up taxes, hire more police and nibble away at civil liberties. The world changes in innumerable ways at every instant.

So what might have been going to happen in one possible world no longer needs to happen in the next. The conceit is that we can both benefit from a prediction and still be free to change the future. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. Unthinkable: Are scientists wrong to dismiss astrology? Philosopher and Capricorn Martin Cohen says star signs deserve a serious look Tue, Dec 1, , Joe Humphreys. Astrology: a tool for interpreting the world? Illustration: Thinkstock. TV, Radio, Web.

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quantum astrology is energy astrology Quantum astrology is energy astrology
quantum astrology is energy astrology Quantum astrology is energy astrology
quantum astrology is energy astrology Quantum astrology is energy astrology
quantum astrology is energy astrology Quantum astrology is energy astrology
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