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He is 20 years older than me. I need him to be there for me and I want our relationship to move forward in a better direction. Am I right for feeling scared? Is everything going to work out? And if I take this terrifying step to release myself from the judicial system, is my boyfriend going to end up being my husband.

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Am I going to be okay? Help me. Well you are a earth sign and he is a water sign.. You are practical and feel much. The frame of reference for you is you yoursleves. Though scorpio are emotional in nature they dont seem to look or behave so.

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They are the most emotional beings after pieces thats why when they get hurt they take revenge by saying exactly wjat hurts you mpsy. Gove him space.

If he says he loves you then he loves you. If he doesnt he wont take a minute to try to get away. If hes arpund it means hes working hard to make things work. From your emd he needs more space and accept the fact that he would have friends life hobbies books etc etc. But you are the most special person.

Thats his nature..

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

Can you be like him? No , so stay according to your mature and expect lesser and accept more. Is At first things were good but as time as passed the last 3 years have really made me question our relationship,my own sanity, his motives and intentions and why life has to be like it is? I love this man ,he says he loves me but i wonder if he even means it for real. But he wud wait until as soon as i wud leave and then turn to them.

And wud neglect me totally. Even though I wud lay beside him and cry ,him knowing all of that still chose to do it and ignore me even when I was in tears. That killed me. I even watch him blantley check them out in front of me! Something tells me he has cheated on me maybe even more than once or twice. Can u please help me and tell me if he truly has or not or is it just my fears? I have nobody at all that I can turn to.

Today's Horoscope for Virgo

I am totally lost confused and hurt. What do u feel is the truth? And what is your advice on what I should do? Please help me…. Do you really think you can be everything for him? Would you want that kind of pressure anyway? He lies because you are forcing him to suppress something that is natural within us. Being needy and insecure is anything But attractive. Get over it and have some fun with your man.

You will even likely attract other suiters. He is completely disrespectful to you and you know he is unfaithful by instinct. He is purposely on the path of perversion no, not everyone is so selfish, its a choice and does not restrain himself even in front of you and has no intention of being the kind of man you need no matter what you do, so maybe you should think about getting work and finding a life for yourself that will include a respectful human being in it. As the third person to help you with this I feel as my advice is the most grounded in truth rather than emotional considerations.

Where as the 2nd helper unfortunately has some unprocessed negativity and offers little helpful advice. I have pity for her and advise you to be careful of following toxic advice, no matter how well meaning the person may be. His looking at porn and other women will happen.

Him or any other man with a sex drive will do the same. Accept it. Now that you did that. You have power over the situation that you never knew you had. Loose some weight and get sexy as hell to him. Be an animal in the bedroom, kitchen and even outdoors. Not because you forced him to do something unnatural. But you, became the object of his sexual, sexy and loving world.

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You said he gives you everything actually your words were you rely on him for everything….. See the problem.

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He does love you. Do you see. You just have lost yourself in a mess of unhelpful and negative producing thoughts. If he cheated. What can you do. But look at it this way. You become the best girl for him. His guilt will make him suffer more than you could ever do to him. Let his karma get him if he did. It will. Let it be best not to dwell in the negative. Be awake. I promise you. You ask him, and do for him. Him, him. Not what your friends suggest, not magazines or web articles.

What he ask for give it to him.

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And watch. He will be so grateful that he WILL return the favour in kind. If he is good and does love you. Just one last piece of advice. Advertise the good things you do for him while you are doing them. AND train him to do the same. Use reward and praise when they do good things. That will kill the good in your relationship faster than anything you could do. Train him, tell him you are doing this and get him to train you.

This way you guide each others growth together towards somewhere where you both want to be. Be open and clear about training each other. This is never something to hide, you have to be clear an obvious, unmistakable. And make sure you tell him to train you also. Since I am way older than you I can tell you from my experience that I achieved everything that I put my mind and believe into it. I wish i had somebody before to tell me this things 20 years ago ,:. Want to know about my health for the month APRIL and over all Even want to know my last days of life how many years still to live.

Hi, Im a Virgo born on the 23rd of August.

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Sometimes people misconstrue my altitude as me been a perfectionist , but the fact is all virgoes believe in their in born creative abilities. Mozart , Esintein, Michael Jackson and others has exerbited these character traits including me, our love for pets and children are exerptional.

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Todays horoscope virgo

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